Banjo Pete – (Happy 100th)

May 3rd was the 100th anniversary of Pete Seeger’s birth. This is a poem I wrote about him a few years ago. Banjo Pete You sang about the unions You spoke to those in need Carried a banjo on your back Picking when you needed to sing From the Hudson valley To the western shorelineContinue reading “Banjo Pete – (Happy 100th)”

Eating Tom Waits

I ate a Tom Waits record A1 and ketchup Picked it up biting down It was chewy crunch vinyl Trying to taste the pain Savor the songwriting Sharp edges cut my inner cheek Blood filled old holes where teeth grew I squished it into my left side Chipmunk pouch-like juicy Afraid to swallow the metallicContinue reading “Eating Tom Waits”

We are Being, We Are The Earth

We Are Being, We Are The Earth ————————— We become dualistic in youth Putting one against the other Establishing social norms Constructed ideas of humans Race and gender explained as fact A fallacy of powers built before We camp in our valleys Climbing mountains of hope Facing weather stormy unfair Unbalanced breaking beyond Crying forContinue reading “We are Being, We Are The Earth”

Fuck William Burroughs

He had written Burroughs several letters in the early nineties, receiving a few responses. Gary had been flirting with the notion of being a writer since he was young, reading constantly and banging away on his mother’s 1954 Royal typewriter. Obsessed at a young age with books, Gary was enthralled by the magic of SalingerContinue reading “Fuck William Burroughs”