Question Everything!


If you think I won’t be criticizing babbling Joe Biden if he defeats Trump, you’re mistaken. It’s our duty to hold our leaders accountable and to question authority. I criticized Obama, Bush, and Clinton. I’ve criticized presidents I wasn’t old enough or alive to vote for. I’m not going to stop and be complacent just because Trump is gone. Biden is not a guy I trust but I think he’s might serve as a plug in the leaking dam. I’m also very critical of Congress, both house and senate.I think Mitch McConnell has to go, but I think it’s time for Pelosi to go too.

I am also not a fan of the conservative Supreme Court justices but I’m not a RBG has done no wrong type either. I’ve been critical of her too, and I think the lifetime seat thing for justices is not something I support. I think term limits in all areas of the federal government are necessary. There is clear need for reform, restructuring and even complete uprooting and replanting of our entire system. I’m willing to be patient for some things but I think other things are clearly needed now.

We need a better justice system, prisons need complete restructuring and should have no privatization. Healthcare has to be given to citizens and not tied to employment. Base wages must be increased and I think universally there should be some form of wage to ensure people have more ways to get out of poverty. Debt that can be easily wiped clean, should be, and there should be less debt in general. Interest is arbitrary as is money, but it’s still how this society functions, until they have a new economic system, we have to figure out more ways to help those who are stuck in cycles of poverty. Equality might be practically unattainable in our system but why not try to look at ways it could be in a new system?

Racism, homophobia, antisemitism, islamaphobia and xenophobia must be addressed but actually attacked with a justice minded approach. People don’t riot or take to the streets for no reason. It’s a reaction, a response to a real problem. When you push the people to far they will push back, that’s how it goes. What I look for is how the powers that be respond to the push, violently suppressing it or legitimately listening with an open mind about change.

Until I see a leader emerge that is trustworthy, truth minded, and not loyal to a party or systemic idealism, I will continue to question, criticize, and hold them accountable for all things past and present. If you want to lead you better expect a lot of eyes on your public and private life. It’s only fair and it’s your choice to slender the arena. So keep your eyes open, my friends, and never get too comfortable with anyone who take the reigns.

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