I Love You…For Real.

Saying “I love you” can be as casual as saying “what’s up” in our selfish society. I’ve been told this by peopke I know don’t give a shot about me, who talked about me negatively and who are so self-absorbed that these words just make them feel better about themselves. It is why I don’t fuck around with that phrase. Sure I’ve likely said it to people I no longer love, that happens but something I learned a long time ago is most people aren’t loving, they aren’t kind, but they want to be perceived as such. I also learned that to love genuinely requires two things.

First, you must learn to love beyond the response. Meaning, if you truly love someone it shouldn’t matter if they love you back or if you get something in return. Love is not capitalism, it’s not an exchange, it’s not about what we get out of it.

Secondly, love can be unconditional. I know people say that’s impossible but I know it’s true. I believe that is why I was once a Christian, because I saw that in the teachings of Christ, not in the behavior of his followers, but in the words of Jesus. Now I still believe it to be true. I love people because I love them. Some hate me, some dropped ke without warning, and some might even be reading this now. I don’t know why I love them, I just do and that is the power of unconditional love.

Maybe it’s idealism or whatever, but love to me is a powerful force we often misinterpret. It’s not Ronan’s or sexual, it’s a bigger than that. It’s a weapon against all kinds of enemies. It’s a disarming force and a motivating energy to do good. More so it is maybe the only thing I’ve ever understood as otherworldly or spiritual. I don’t tend to believe we have any great purpose on earth nor do I believe in a divine plan for our lives, but I do think love might be something that matters more than we think? I am not sure, but I know I love people and I don’t know why. I also know people love me. I just wish more people took it seriously, without all the attachments and bullshit we associate with it.

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