America (A poem to a friend)

American Hallucinations- Mixed media collage 2019

America is a middle of the road country. It’s vanilla and dull, it’s reserved and prudish. It clings to nostalgia, it’s a place to dream but mostly to remember when, even if the when never was. America is easily scared away from anything or anyone who is different. They trust people who look the part, the older white men, with suits and who have done well for themselves. In America, it’s not seen as good to question to much, push to hard, or speak to loud. Just do your job, make money, marry a willing participant, have children, go to church, buy houses, and die quietly. Anything else is extreme or disruptive. America is a self-inflicted religiously restrictive area, fueled by patriotism and questionable theology. America is slow to accept change, be it political, or social, because of fear of what others might think. They pray and then prey, until the thing that’s scary goes away, or at least stays out of the nice homogenized neighborhood they build to shelter themselves from diversity. America likes to believe it’s greater than everyone else because folklore is strong and blind pride is seen as a positive. Flags are worshipped, guns fetishized, and dead men become godlike. The Bible and the constitution serve as symbolic ways to weaponize patriotism into a higher system of belief. Capitalism is praised as highly as Christ himself while anything outside that way is considered demonic or devilish. The country feeds on its own bullshit, feeding generation after generation on a steady diet of fables, war stories, and guilt, all in order to keep a status quo that is in itself not real. It’s a perspective skewed by misty eyed settlers who realize their own mortality is coming, so the Great American Dream is a nice distraction. In the end America, no matter the truth or the push to be different, you seem to still squeeze back into those old ways and hope no one notices that it doesn’t fit us anymore. America, it’s time to change, to update, to reinvent yourself. To finally be brave, again. #poetry #poet #poem #America #art #artist #artoftheday

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