Portrait Series: Friendship & Inspiration

This is my latest series of portraits. They are of my most creative and interesting friends as well as the famous influences that have inspired me. Everything is acrylic on canvas and are various sizes.


Melanie – 9”x12”
Paul – 9”x12”
Jay – 9”x12”
Danielle – 9”x12”
Darrell – 9”x12”
Stacey 9”x12”
Monica – 8”x10”
Jessie – 8”x10”
Frank – 9”x12”
Brent – 8”x10”

Kristen – 8”x10”
Nora – 8”x10”
Andrea – 12”x16”
Lauren – 9”x12”

Jimi – 9”x12”


Jean-Michel Basquiat – 11”x14”
H.R. (Bad Brains) – 9”x12”
Patti Smith – 11”x14”
Donald Glover (Childish Gambino) – 8”x10”
Alexandria Oscasio-Cortez – 8”x10”
Allen Ginsberg – 8”x10”
Natasha Lyonne – 8”x10”
William S. Burroughs – 8”x10”

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