I lost my faith between the cushions ‬
‪Loose change and crumbs ‬
‪Sticky old candy ‬
‪Unidentified stains ‬
‪Old remotes trapped in sin ‬
‪Dead skin cells piled up‬
‪Crisp memories of church camp‬
‪Swearing at prayerful skies‬
‪God damned god ‬
‪Repented to be rebuked ‬
‪Abandoned steeples shadow ‬
‪Slit wrists paper cuts ‬
‪New Testament trickle down ‬
‪Holy ghosted ‬
‪Left corsage in hand ‬
‪The band played on‬
‪I walked home alone ‬
‪Sleeping on my own ‬
‪My knees no longer burn‬
‪Kneeling for traditions sake ‬Fell on my sword anointed Sacred oil made it stab right through ‬
‪Love was the bandage ‬
‪Yet I bled out in the alter‬
‪So they could have their sacrifice ‬
‪Burnt offering to legalistic codes‬
‪Pleasing the politic and pulpits ‬
‪Dying I rolled through stained glass‬
‪Shards deeply remain beneath‬
‪Sin flesh discarded with robes‬
‪Freedom realized as hope‬
‪Grace the wind outside ‬
‪Jesus believes in me still‬
‪Even if I struggle with him‬
‪I needed a lesser hill to die on ‬
‪So I’m laying on the couch ‬

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