Dead Leaves

Dead Leaves

We weep amongst the dead leaves
The fallen tree skins and lacerated love
In barrels fermenting were those men
Pickled by years of putrid living
Waving cock blind manifestos
Slapping exaggerated ball-sacs
O’ the neglect of masculine mosaics
Shattered atlases combed through by rage
Yet compassion leaked from femininity
Undeserved grace fell like ash around them
These garbage heap hearts rotting
Still in soft defeat tried to salvage
They whispered songs of sorrow
Stroking thinning hairs to no avail
For the wretched stretch of misogyny
Like a dark cloud covered all things
Polluted by rancorous lies and manipulation
Young boys bottled up by old men
Sent out into the killing fields
Blood lusting cum cannons of self service
Impregnating golden calves bestowed
Raping widowed flowers with rusted plows
Fossil fueled fuck boys burning
Corrosion of male goodness left dark
Sucking nipples of missing mothers
Hands grabbing bags of skinned flesh
Colonizing wombs with curses
Fraudulently living hopeful heroes
Stealing youth from the damned
Glass ceilings reinforced by lead paint
Poisoning poster child poverty
Stereotyping speaker box assassinated
Towering Wall Street money makers
Sliding cocaine ripped septum sniff
In limousines disguised as minivans
Sport bar bra snapping jock strap
Cold weather hump day hookers
Fired on skewered sex tapes
Drug induced wedding vows
Forcing breeding upon broken beauty
Traditions sold as truth in a liars store
Art traded in for treasure hunts
Surname suicidal sins drink themselves dead
Our fathers were fables fishing tales
Casualties of Vietnam and patriotism
Raised to be iron clad cowards
Armored saints of untreated mind disease
As the generations fold into each other
These old trees fall in silent forests
We weep amongst the dead leaves

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