The Night I Met Lou Reed

We got to New York around 8:30pm rolling in a shit box diesel Volkswagen. West Village night spot show fell into our laps like a golden ticket. Club was not deep with revelers, just overpriced beers and dirty bathrooms. We did our thing and bounced out wandering the streets like gypsy hoodlums. Sliding into blues bars and jazz joints, none gripping us. Around 12 we ended up in the park buying mushrooms and laughing at street lamps. We smoked a joint and I said “Fuck, we should find someone cool?” Laughing at me, Walt said “Like who?” I jumped up from a bench and said “I don’t know? Fucking Lou Reed, who is cooler than Lou Reed?”

So we wandered NYC into the AM with the cool fall air whipping us street to street, and then I stopped dead. Looking across a street I saw a figure standing, like a rock n roll god fading like a fog. I just stepped into the fury of cabs and private cars, causing a scene of horns and squealing brakes. “Holy fuck! It’s him, I found him!” Walt was on my heels like a barking dog demanding me to return across the street. “Come on man! He said “Its nobody dude!”

I kept on moving and the dark shadow gained light and under a street lamp was him! Motherfucking, Lou Reed! I walked up to him smoking my cigarette and trying to walk cool, which looked like a drunken giraffe on a slalom course. I stood in front of him and extended my hand, “Lou Reed?” He looked at me like a worried father and said, “Yes, and you are?” I couldn’t even speak as he shook my hand, smiling awkwardly. I said “I can go home now, thank you!” He said, “it’s probably a good idea, but thanks for the hello!” I wanted to run into traffic again but Walt said “Sorry Lou, he’s really fucked!” Lou just smiled, laughing, and said “No he’s cool, just has a passion which is dying in this town, it’s cool, you two enjoy yourselves.”

He walked away into the New York night and we went off to find our car, which was somewhere we didn’t remember. By the time we got back to Philadelphia, we were tired, high and just exhausted. So we drive to a park, are the shrooms and watched the sunrise feeling like some kind of legends of poetic lore. As the day met us in our altered state I said “Walt? Did we meet Lou Reed?” Unsure of the shrooms affect on my reality but Walt said, “Fuck that man, Lou Reed met us, and I think that’s the real magic of last night!”

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