There’s a crimson ghost

Red with wonder

She sleeps while staring

Free to feel forgotten

Included in mutual sorrow

Kissing courage brave

Falling red headed bomb shelter


Sex is not a dirty word

On paper

Or the tongue

Or the bed spread


Becoming human flesh

Combined lovers duet

Female power grid

Luminous intent

Give her flowers



Boys to men

Men to humans

Give head

Get head

Never expect head

Golden rule

To give, indeed

Better than to receive

Consent, Consent, Consent!


Beautiful jewel

The wide eyed sleeper

Fashion forwarded

Message send

Respect, Respect, Respect


Carbon copy

“I love U”

Intent to distribute

Concealed carry

True heat

Between honest people

Fuck, fun indeed

Fucking is friendly

If friends aren’t fucking up

Sleep well, moonbeams

Dream big beautiful dreams

Huddle for warmth

Body up on each other

Fear not touch

We are communal creatures

We aren’t all scoundrels

Just human in need of touch

Love, just love, more