Corrections to plagiarized hope

Red taped butter knife

Heart thump bruised

Typo whiteout



Popcorn popper hotel scandals

Salty shook shooters bible

We write notebooks

College ruled margin walkers

Political weather balloon

Atmospheric cosmonauts

Commie red vocalized hippies

Anarchist cul-de-sac runaways

Heroin the heroine

Chained train track terror

Tied off dope dropped dozer

Rip our youthful hearts

Rhetoric rainbows and balloons

Parade day patriots

Bobble-headed allegiance

To flag, country, god

God damned traitors of tyranny

God damned football follies

Kneeling incited nonsense

Right side slippery slide

Hate clings rifle erotica

Gut wretch predator

Gallup poll dancers quake

Television newsroom gossip

Grey area gauntlet runners club

Organize the orange worm hole

So we slit our wrists weary

Coming home is never easy

Rush hour conflict

We rage inside our bubbled best