Compiling A New Book of Poems

So due to several computer issues my next book of poetry has not happened yet. I lost some work, I gave up on some but I want to do another one.

I've written around 1200 pieces since 2015. I was thinking of doing a large collected works volume of my work. I'm having issues collecting it all as it's scattered on pieces of paper, in journals, on Facebook, on Instagram and on two different phones. I need an editor and maybe some help putting it together. I need this, but I'm overwhelmed.

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  1. I am in a similar boat, though no where near 1200 poems. It seems that as soon as I have a handle at what I want to start editing as s collection, I find another poem that I forgot about lurking in a random Google Keep note or email. As a fan of your writing and fellow poet, I hope that this collection gets started and gains the momentum that it needs, because in the end, it will be fantastic.

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