Late Night Ramblings

I fall in love with afterthoughts and the names in playbills. Cast and crew. Nuts and bolts. Backstage busted non-union smoke breaks. Fuck. That’s good. Write it down. Have you cried for a smile that you never saw? A mirage. A dial tone fantasy. The best love never gets to that point. It scorches theContinue reading “Late Night Ramblings”

Four Poems About Love

Love Poems Love poems are shit. Shit. Love. Pray. Or, was it, Eat Love Shit? Either way. Struggle. Mindful, mindless Ghosting. Window pane Window into pain. Ice forms on glass, crackling. Winters are cold here. Smoke. ignite. Dissolve My hands turn red, then blue. Yellow tar. Snow fell. I was falling. Star Smoke Rings SmokeContinue reading “Four Poems About Love”

Three New Poems

Pills Crushing pills, formica Cold cuts. Tender touch Rolled twenties. Credit card, chop, dice, tap. Nose burns, tears swell. Corduroy jacket, sweaty pants. Break the bone. Slit wrist bath tub gin. Blood orange, blue moon Call me. Dawn. Call me. School Daze High school, wretched memory, Fuck Grated my skin to bits. Parmesan ghost. PriestlyContinue reading “Three New Poems”

On Walt Whitman’s 200th Birthday – A Poem

Happy birthday Walt Whitman Two hundred times remembered Words engraved, memorized, preserved Immortal haunting poetically still Dear sir, please, look not away Though this, not, you spoke beautiful true Forgive us, if it to be your desire Selfishly wrecked such fragile beauty On the rotting wood docks Atlantic Creaking lapped wave lapping Once booming bustleContinue reading “On Walt Whitman’s 200th Birthday – A Poem”

Identity Crisis (A Poem)

Identity Crisis I’m a man If that makes you happy I can’t agree fully I don’t know what I am A crumbled newspaper Insignificant stain I’m gutter gum sticky White, sure, but filthy All constructed bullshit I’m zero Nothing You have made me what you wish I just don’t give a shit Anymore —————————— ArtworkContinue reading “Identity Crisis (A Poem)”

Banjo Pete – (Happy 100th)

May 3rd was the 100th anniversary of Pete Seeger’s birth. This is a poem I wrote about him a few years ago. Banjo Pete You sang about the unions You spoke to those in need Carried a banjo on your back Picking when you needed to sing From the Hudson valley To the western shorelineContinue reading “Banjo Pete – (Happy 100th)”

Eating Tom Waits

I ate a Tom Waits record A1 and ketchup Picked it up biting down It was chewy crunch vinyl Trying to taste the pain Savor the songwriting Sharp edges cut my inner cheek Blood filled old holes where teeth grew I squished it into my left side Chipmunk pouch-like juicy Afraid to swallow the metallicContinue reading “Eating Tom Waits”